Anyone may provide a donation or gift to establish a fund from which grants can be made.
The following is a list of our current Funds:


  • Fund for Grays Harbor
  • Overhead Fund

Designated Funds

  • After School Programs
  • Cancer Care Fund
  • Wayne Fleury Search & Rescue Resource Fund
  • Goldberg-Chelten Apts., L.L.P.
  • John Hasbrouck Memorial Junior Golf Fund
  • Dorothy Hoogeveen Memorial Fund
  • Marjorie K. Johnson Fund
  • Gladys Phillips Cultural Tours Fund
  • Katherine N. Sherk Fund
  • Marian J. Weatherwax Fund
  • M.J. Weatherwax Fund – Aberdeen School District
  • M.J. Weatherwax Fund – Aberdeen Timberland Library
  • M.J. Weatherwax Fund – Grays Harbor College Foundation
  • M.J. Weatherwax Fund – United Way of Grays Harbor
  • M.J. Weatherwax Fund – Y.M.C.A. of Grays Harbor
  • Westport Historical Seaport Education and Special Projects
  • Y.M.C.A. Scholarship Fund
  • Y.M.C.A. Maintenance Fund

Donor Advised Funds

  • Merc and Nina Boyer Family Fund
  • Theodore and Elizabeth Bruener Fund
  • Mary Lou Chalberg Memorial Fund
  • Goldberg Family Fund
  • Dr. John F. and Ella Mae Daly Memorial Fund
  • Healthy Perspectives
  • Raymond S. Kauders Memorial Fund
  • Isabelle S. Lamb Family Fund
  • Larner Family Fund
  • Dorothy & Hervey Lawrence Family Fund
  • North River Community Scholarship
  • Donald and Vera McCaw Family Fund
  • Oskamp Family Fund
  • Tim and Lisa Quigg Fund
  • Abel-Weatherwax Family Fund
  • M.J. Weatherwax Fund
  • Scott A. Weatherwax Fund
  • Westby Family Fund

Area of Interest Funds

  • Fund for Public Art

Scholarship Funds

  • Aberdeen JM Weatherwax Alumni Scholarship Fund
  • American Veterans Home Association Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Donald Arima Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. James & Laura Baker Scholarship Fund
  • Mark P Bryan Scholarship Fund
  • Pennie Coffey Memorial Women’s Scholarship Fund
  • Aaron Thomas Dineen Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Scott A Ferguson Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Del Giles Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • GHCF Scholarship Fund
  • Edd and Annie Hodges Scholarship Fund
  • Hoquiam High School Class of 1965 Fund
  • Sue Hunt Scholarship Fund
  • Karl M Koch Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. John C. & Else V. Korvell Memorial Scholarship
  • Lyle Lancaster Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Lyle Laughead Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ardine Lewis Scholarship Fund
  • T. J. Lindley Family Scholarship Fund
  • Robert A. Mandich Scholarship Fund
  • Lou Messmer Scholarship Fund
  • Ken Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Novak Family Scholarship Fund
  • L. George Pauze Scholarship Fund
  • Wayne D. and Wanda S. Ross Memorial Scholarship
  • David Spanich Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Westport Shipyard National Scholarship
  • Donald and Edna Wheaton Scholarship Fund
  • Miles Zepp Memorial Scholarship Fund

Agency Funds

  • Aberdeen Bobcat Hall of Fame
  • The Friends of the Aberdeen Museum
  • Aberdeen School District – Business Week Fund
  • ARC of Grays Harbor
  • Building a Sustainable Grays Harbor Fund
  • Coastal Harvest
  • East Grays Harbor Rotary Charity Fund
  • Grays Harbor Mentoring Connections
  • Homeless Youth Education Fund
  • Kamp Kiwanis Fund