About Our Foundation


The Grays Harbor Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is known in our community for giving grants to other non-profits in Grays Harbor County and for scholarships for Grays Harbor youth, but that is not our business. Our real business is helping people, families, groups, and businesses be philanthropic or charitable. We provide the administrative and investment management services that make it easy for donors to be involved at whatever level they wish, and to accomplish their charitable goals with their tax deductible donations that improve the quality of life in Grays Harbor.

This year has been one of many accomplishments for the Grays Harbor Community Foundation, and we, the staff and Board of Directors, could not be more pleased or satisfied.  The following are notable accomplishments for 2013:

  • Resources distributed to support our community were the highest in our history:  $1.2 million in 146 grants and awarded an additional $387,550 in scholarships to 260 students
  • We completed a public arts project to beautify our community and commemorate the Weatherwax Family and their tremendous positive impact on our community
  • We introduced our Capital Projects Initiative, where we invited applications for grants for a particular purpose, and awarded five grants to assist nonprofits with facility repairs and improvements
  • We partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on a long term project to address Intergenerational Poverty in Grays Harbor and Pacific Counties
  • We implemented online grant and scholarship applications to help us more efficiently and effectively serve our community
  • We completed two videos to showcase some of our accomplishments:  Technology in the Classroom (http://gh-cf.org/news) and 2013 – 14 Scholarships (http://gh-cf.org/scholarships)
  • We completed the redesign of our website (www.gh-cf.org) that includes several video clips of our work and activities

We have also been very successful and responsible with our assets this year, starting with $37.36 million and ending the year with $46.96 million:

  • We earned 18.78%, $7.02 million (after all fees)
  • We received $4.49 million in donations
  • We kept our expenses under 0.88%

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2014, we are enthusiastic about Grays Harbor, and we are more committed than ever to supporting the many nonprofits that, through their people, passion and hard work, make this community a better place to live.